Benefits & Requirements


Receive Automated Weekly Payments  Receive Automated Weekly Payments

When a merchant you refer activates their CCBill account and starts to process transactions on that account, you begin to receive a weekly commission payment for a percentage* of their weekly net payment volume.

*Percentage amount is based on business model or risk category.

Generate Tiered Lifetime Commissions  Generate Tiered Lifetime Commissions

Your commissions are paid as long as your referred merchants accounts are active and in good standing. And best of all, there is no maximum amount that you can be paid or caps on your commissions for all your qualified referred merchants.

Offer Low to High-Risk Billing Options  Offer Low to High-Risk Billing Options

CCBill provides payment services for nearly every type of business model and risk category. We offer all-in-one processing for digital access, recurring memberships, automated subscriptions, e-stores, and even hard-to-place industries.

Board U.S., Canadian, and EU Merchants  Board U.S., Canadian, and EU Merchants

It is easy to turn-up with CCBill, with no credit checks and a simple account application. Your referred merchants with businesses based in the U.S., Canada, the European Union and United Kingdom, can begin accepting payments and expanding their sales globally with a smooth start.

Why CCBill & EC Suite?

When you succeed, we succeed.

You can trust us to securely handle all of your transactions.  As the experts in Omni-Channel Payments, we allow you to accept single time and recurring payments in multiple ways with a single processing provider.  Our proprietary, automated billing engine is built to help you reach new conversions, actively retain customers, and extend your revenue opportunities.  

Membership Benefits

Convenient, Secure & Flexible


Decades of Expertise 

Expert Support for:

  • IPSP - Full service, feature rich online payment service solutions that supports the needs of both new and established businesses in the ecommerce space.
  • Advanced Solutions - new API-based solution for larger, experienced  ecommerce businesses.
  • Merchant Accounts - an ISO solution, which provides you with a Merchant account with gateway access.  Suitable for all business models, including ecommerce, brick-n-mortar, mobile and MOTO.


Flexible Technologies

Don't speak tech? 

No worries, we do.  Our cutting-edge technologies backed by our team of knowledgeable account, integration, support and compliance specialists are available to offer assistance and guidance.  

We get you processing quickly with:

  • Consultation & Customization
  • API Solutions
  • Hardward, Gateway & Value Adds
  • Software Integrations & Modules 

Global Solutions 

Speak to your global buyers on a local level with geo-targeted responsive smart forms, international currencies and regional pricing capabilities, for a friendly, 'next door' experience with:

  • U.S. & EU Acquiring Solutions
  • Dymanic Currency Conversions
  • Multi-lingual Technology & Support

Security & Compliance 

We are focused on risk, fraud protection, compliance and regulatory changes to help you minimize the hurdles of working with banks and credit card associations with:

  • Encryption & Tokenization
  • Automated Fraud Detection
  • PCI Compliance

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